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Hello, everyone. I sincerely hope this newsletter finds you well. A reissue of one of my books is being promoted nationally, so I wanted you to know about this in case you are interested - plus, I'll be appearing at the A.R.E. in September - with Dannion Brinkley. A first! I'll be mentioning other books as we go along too and some outstanding opportunities - all of them important and helpful. Enjoy!  ~PMH

Beyond the Light Cover

There is a push nationwide for bookstores and libraries to stock "Beyond the Light: What Isn't Being Said about the Near-Death Experience." Originally published in 1994, this reissue is by Transpersonal Publishing.

Some of you may say, "Why bother with this book, it's old stuff." Well, folks, there are cases in this book, important and complex ones, that do not appear anywhere else and probably never will. For instance, the real story of George Rodonaia (dead for three days), the original story of Mellen- Thomas Benedict and Margaret Fields Kean and Hung (the peasant farmer's son in China who helped to foment the Taiping Revolution and establish the Heavenly Dynesty). There is a much more in-depth treatment of hellish as well as heavenly cases, near-death-like cases, as well as what is now recognized as the physiological/psychological pattern of aftereffects (especially covered is the puzzle of electrical sensitivity).

You will not be disappointed by this book. It can be ordered at your favorite bookstore anywhere, or purchased through my own online bookstore, or amazon.com.

VA Conference

Really, this is a first!

Dannion Brinkley and I headlining the same conference. This has never happened before.

Dates are September 10-12, 2010 at Virginia Beach, Virginia - Edgar Cayce's A.R.E. The conference is called "Near-Death Experience: Visions into Eternity." You may register online at Edgar Cayce.org/conferences or call 1-888- 273-0020, or by fax 757-422-6921. Held at 215- 67th Street, Virginia Beach. My talk on Friday night will be more personal than most as I share with you "The Bigness of Forever." During my two workshops on Saturday, I will be covering some of my new material on "Brain Shift" and "Spirit Shift." Dannion's talk on Saturday night is entitled "Secrets from the Light," and his workshop on Sunday tackles "Pathways to Higher Consciousness." Gregg Unterberger will also be there "Exploring Life Between Lives." If you've never been to an A.R.E. conference before, treat yourself. You will not be disappointed!

Acres, USA

For the best and latest news on the entire front of healthy food, please subscribe to the magazine ACRES,USA. Acres,USA is truly "The Voice of Eco-Agriculture." I have been following their progress since the seventies, and I can say without hesitation, this magazine takes the prize for honest, in-depth reporting, news, ads that are worth reading, and ideas that are workable, practical, and that respect nature. Their Acres,USA 2010 Book Catalog is thorough - enabling you to find books and references you cannot find anywhere else. A gem! Contact info: Acres, USA, P. O. Box 91299, Austin, TX 78709; 1-800-355-5313; regular phone (512) 892-4400; info@acresusa.com; www.acresusa.com.

The Practical Visionary

A very special book from two people I admire -


By Corinne McLaughlin and Gordon Davidson.

This couple brought you "Spiritual Politics," and "Builders of the Dawn" previously. They are the founders of the Sirius Community (an ecovillage), were very active with Findhorm and the Findhorn Gardens Philosophy, and were part of a national task force for President Clinton's Council on Sustainable Development.

I know these two people, having watched them grow wiser throughout the decades; and I can say "here is genuine, grounded material that can make a huge difference in your life from two people who are both spiritual and practical." Highly recommended.

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