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Announcing a New Book from P.M.H. Atwater

She was the mother of three in 1977,
newly divorced and starting over,
in training to be a bank manager

PMH Atwater 'Before'

But life had other plans.

Soon P.M.H. Atwater would find herself
where everyone will eventually travel,
but few have ever returned. Not once. But three times.

She came back no longer who she was ~
PMH Atwater 'After'
~ to a life beyond imagining.

Within the year PMH would become one of the original
researchers in the field of near-death studies.
The chronicler of thousands of accounts of the phenomenon.

Book Covers by PMH Atwater And the creator of over a
dozen books & tapes --
on the near-death experience,
on transformations of consciousness,
on generations of "New Children,"
on the future of the human race itself.

But PMH's own "Complete Story" has never been told. Until now.
Here is what it was like to become a near-death experiencer herself --
how she "Died Three Times in 1977."

Cover "I Died Three Times"
Now as high-energy physicists fire sub-electrons at God's own particle,
mathematicians continue to re-visualize a 'theory of everything,'
and astronomers see almost to the beginning of time...
Electrons, Theory of Everything, Farthest Galaxies
...comes an eye-witness account from the last century
startlingly similar to these present-day visions of reality.
1977 Drawings by PMH

Join PMH Atwater on this personal voyage of revelation -- the beginning of what eventually would bring millions a better understanding of the nature of death, consciousness, and life itself.

"I Died Three Times in 1977 - The Complete Story is the most honest book about near-death experiences I have ever read. It is brutally honest with PMH Atwater, laying bare her soul. And it is equally honest with the reader, laying out Atwater's remarkable experiences and equally remarkable aftereffects without any hidden agenda. This latest book by one of the most prolific authors on NDEs is not a memoir, not a scientific study, not a religious treatise, but may be best described as a work of love. Whether or not you feel this book helps you understand NDEs intellectually, "from the outside in," it will undoubtedly help you to understand what it feels like from the inside out."

--Bruce Greyson, M.D.
Chester F. Carlson Professor of Psychiatry Director,
Division of Perceptual Studies, UVA
Former Editor, Journal of Near-Death Studies

"I Died Three Times in 1977 - The Complete Story is an amazing read. Atwater has provided her readers with something that hits you hard in the heart AND the mind, in a very good way! I've not seen such a dramatic account of an NDE that also provides much to think about when it comes to how Time and Space might be so connected to Consciousness."

--Loyd Auerbach
Director, "The Office of Paranormal Investigations"
Teacher at John F. Kennedy University
Author of A Paranormal Casebook

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