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I have two incredible people to introduce you to, and a special book to recommend. But first, allow me to clear up what seems to be a growing misunderstanding about my little book,

"I Died Three Times in 1977 - The Complete Story."

Watch the new book trailer on YouTube here:


IT'S AVAILABLE ON ANY ELECTRONIC READING DEVICE THAT IS COMPATIBLE WITH KINDLE: This little book, brand new, is not available on my website. What is on my website is a small rendition with a similar name that consists of the four articles I wrote many years ago about what had happened to me, that Wabun and Sun Bear published in The Bear Tribe's "Many Smokes Magazine." "I Died Three Times in 1977 - The Complete Story" can be read only via kindle or a similar device for $3.95. A printed version will come out this winter in Russia. That's it. . . unless I can prove "numbers."

Cover "I Died Three Times"

Yup, the publishing industry has changed, and dramatically. Since "Near-Death Experiences: The Rest of the Story" is due out in March as a hardcover through Hampton/Red Wheel, I cannot publish anything else for a while - and maybe never with the "I Died" book. That's because publishers are not convinced it is saleable. What will "turn the tide" is if enough people buy it on kindle. So, please do, and tell others. --PMH



There are many ways to make a positive difference in this world, and an amazing number of people who are busy doing just that. Two people, Dan Rhema and Skye Kuri, are both artists who have overcome unbelievable obstacles to reach a point of depth within themselves, where their work heals as they too have been healed. (Both can be found in The Marketplace. Contact them if you are interested in what they have to offer.)

Dan Rhema


Contact: Dan Rhema P. O. Box 17513 Louisville, KY 40207
(502) 635-2457 dan@danrhema.com - www.danrhema.com

Dan was part of my research on near-death states and is mentioned in several of my books. In 1991, he survived a near-death experience caused by the multiple brain infections of Dengue Fever (Break Bone Fever) and Spinal Meningitis. During his recuperation, Dan began to compulsively create multimedia collages, sculptures, and masks from found objects. He also began to paint, capturing the images flowing through him in a unique, three-dimensional style (yes, you can put on "those glasses" and his work will pop out in ways that are simply amazing). It became apparent to Dan that these acts of creation were healing and re-creating him. He has taken this realization and made it the focus of his art; trauma can awaken creativity, and, through creativity, healing begins.

Today, Dan has emerged as a major talent whose story has been featured in numerous magazine and newspaper articles, in television interviews, and in a documentary entitled "Altered Vision: The Dan Rhema Story." He has written several children's books (among them "One Tiny Twig" and "Bluegrass Breeze"), produced short films and public service TV spots, and is finally busy on his own story. When I was in his studio last month, I was literally blown away by how he is fashioning his book - with an elegant simplicity. I can hardly wait until it is finished. Of the many talks he gives, perhaps the most moving is how he has dealt with the combined challenges of brain injury and near-death aftereffects, and emerged transformed in ways that uplift and inspire others. "The near-death experience," he explained, "brought me to a place where I no longer need to seek answers to all the big questions. . . I am content to let the mystery be."

To view samples of his work, please refer to The Marketplace on my website.

Skye Kuri

K. MARTIN-KURI (aka Skye Kuri)

Contact: ladyrose@safe-mail.net
Website still in process.

K. Martin-Kuri is "Skye" to me because that is how I know her, and I'm certain you can call her that, too. Skye came into my life nearly 30 years ago on Cape Cod. She impressed me then and still does as someone who is totally committed to spirituality in all its many forms and to the promise of peace. Although she can paint anything (and does commissioned work), it is her angel paintings that leave me in awe. Yes, I know a lot of truly gifted people who paint angels, but I have yet to met anyone whose finished piece vibrates with the power her's does. It's as if she has the ability to invite a blessed presence to come through her and enter the canvas, permeating every inch with a power that is somehow sacred, special.

Skye shares that: "With each new breath, I realize it is a mini-awakening, and enlivening, and a blessing. Each time I become more of a receiver of angelic wisdom and light, and am able to endure any suffering or challenges as long as I can be in service, and reveal the love and beauty of the angelic realms to others, and connect people to a greater experience with God. I now find myself being reconfigured by Divine Hands for the greater service I prayed for all my life, and as this process continues, I am reformulating, and being given boxes of wisdom keys to use and to give away. I seek daily to have the purity of love required to reach out with a key for each person who seeks it from me. I have become an amalgamation of all my talents. And while on one level I am more unseen, more behind the scenes, on another level I am learning to live my dream of being a true sage, working on the inner levels, and preparing for the times to come."

For samples of her art and more about the various sessions you can have with her, please check out her section in The Marketplace.

Dan Rhema and Skye Kuri couldn't be more different. Yet, their presence, what they have become after facing the darkness fear can bring, tugs at your heart. And both are still changing, transforming right in front of our eyes as they tackle more challenge, more possibilities. Neither is a finished piece. Because of that, they are good guides. . . along our journey's way.



Hopefully by now you have read my latest article called "The Third Way." Actually, it is a much older piece that I recently re-discovered. Still, even as is, the article carries an important message - that there is a third way to live, a way revealed not only in near-death and other transformative states, but also in what is called "sacred geometry." What supports the existence of true balance and beauty, literally the underlying structure of the universe, the hidden order of divinity, is. . . the golden mean. Sometimes called the golden section, this simple yet profound bit of math interweaves all creation. Please, please, please, study all you can about the golden mean or "phi." If you can understand the golden mean, you can understand the Grace of God at the heart of behaviors, relationships, formations, and the hidden connectors between all that exists.

Marvelous books that explain the golden mean are:

by Scott A. Olsen.
New York, NY; Wooden Books, Walker & Company, 2006.

by Stephen Skinner.
New York City and London; Sterling Publishing Co., 2006.

by John Michell and Allan Brown.
Rochester, VT; Inner Traditions, 2009.

by Gyorgy Doczi.
Boston, MA; Shambhala, 1985.



"Mysteries of Near-Death Experiences," the big conference that runs September 2-4, takes place in Denver, Colorado. Produced by IANDS (the International Association For Near-Death Studies), it is promising this year to be one of our very best. Registration is still open at www.iands.org. I'll be there. I hope you will be there, too.

"Near-Death Experience: Visions into Eternity," another important conference, this one from September 10-12, has both myself and Dannion Brinkley sharing the same stage at Edgar Cayce's A.R.E. (Association for Research and Enlightenment), Virginia Beach, Virginia. Register by calling 1-888-273-0020, or online at www.EdgarCayce.org/conferences.



I have just discovered a last-minute title change to a book you all need to know about. It has just been released. The author, Dutch cardiologist Pim van Lommel, M.D., is one of the very best medical researchers in the field of near-death studies. His work, and that of his associates, elevated near-death research to new heights of scientific verification by being accepted in the "Lancet Medical Journal," 12-15-01. (Some of my work is included in this monumental piece.) The book is:

"Consciousness Beyond Life: The Science of the
Near-Death Experience
" by Pim van Lommel, M.D.
New York, NY; HarperCollins, 2010.

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