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Here are some comments about the Clint Eastwood movie, "Hereafter," plus an informational piece about the miracle I discovered in Baltimore...

Hereafter the Movie


My husband and I saw the movie "Hereafter" last week. Terry slept through most of it, saying it was too slow in development to hold his interest. He would have preferred a more dynamic story via special effects. I found the slow pace of the movie to be realistic - it's the way things happen to real people who are confronted by facts that defy their comfort zone. In a way, I felt like the movie took me back to Class 101 in basic spirituality/metaphysics/psychic phenomena. . . as it wound around the lives of a medium who felt cursed by his gift to interact with the dead, a French journalist who drowned in a tsunami then returned to life, and a boy who wanted to communicate with his dead twin. The movie-going public, for once, were treated to an honest portrayal. No overwhelm. No exaggeration. Real feelings, hopes, and fears. I liked it.

Surprise. Surprise. The majority of professional intuitives, mediums, and psychics whom I know. . . didn't like the film. Not at all. They felt betrayed, let down, insulted, hurt. Most were crying after seeing the movie, feeling as if all their work teaching people how easy it is to become more intuitive, teaching them how normal it is to be psychic and see and interact within "hidden realms," that all the good work they had done was tossed aside by a popular film that referred to anything even close to "otherworldly" as a curse, a burden, something to deny.

If you've read the electronic book I recently wrote called "I Died Three Times in 1977 - The Complete Story," you will note in the latter pages that I felt burdened by the "mission" given to me by The Voice Like None Other during my third near-death experience. Becoming a researcher, as I was told to do, wasn't anything I was interested in doing. No way. Yes, I truly did feel burdened, not blessed. The 33 years it has taken me to complete this work required more sacrifice than any one person should be required to endure. Yet I have no regrets. It's been a good ride. The "burden" was worth it. Still, I can relate on a deep level to anyone who feels hurt by this movie, who feels it was too negative.

For this reason, I need to ask the following questions: why do we teach classes on intuitive/psychic/spiritual development? Is it because we think we are going to make a difference in the world? Do we share with others the larger view of what life really is because by doing so we think we can either save them or those who know them? Do we sponsor groups and meetings and opportunities regarding the near-death experience, for instance, or about mediumship, greater vision and revelation, becoming more whole brained rather than right or left. . . because we think that what we are doing will transform lives for the better? If we answer "yes" to any of these questions, we are guilty of self-deception. By answering "yes," we confine ourselves to the same vibratory level of those who are ill-informed or blind to truth.

It took me many years to catch on to this, but I finally did. Here is what I found. The only honest and truthful way to extend knowledge, pass on wisdom and gifts and love and light is - BECAUSE IT IS RIGHT FOR YOU TO DO SO. That's it. As long as we have a vested interest in outcomes, we've failed. God/Allah/Deity does not invite any of us to participate in The Greater Will without surrender, and surrender doesn't quite mean what we think it does. By surrendering to a Will Greater Than Our Own, we don't just "let go, let God." We move into a sense of Presence that simply asks, "What would love want you to do?" The movement of our consciousness ripples accordingly.

The movie "Hereafter" brought me back to beginner's class and enabled me to follow the movie characters as they progressively felt more comfortable in their own skin. You could see each one "birth" into a "next level" as they learned how to merge the physical world with the spiritual world and have it be okay. A good film.


StAgnes Hospital

I was invited to present an update on near-death research at the 21st Annual Kyle Y. Swisher, Jr., M.D. Day of Cardiology, Friday, October 29, 2010, in the Alagia Auditorium of St. Agnes Hospital. To say I was thrilled would be an understatement.

The day was spent learning how to enhance CPR efficacay, improve patient survival, and restore quality of life in survivors. About 70 doctors and nurses attended. Techniques came first, then me; the next day spread into more of a seminar format covering Science and Spirituality, and highlighted by Dr. Melvin Morse speaking about near-death experiences with children, and then.............speaker after speaker talking about prayer and how effective it is in surgery, in hospital rooms, with patients, and in helping professional medics deal with the burden of life and death decisions they make daily, and with their own emotions. Since most of their patient-load comes from the faith traditions of Baha'i, Hindu, Muslim, Jewish, Catholic, and Protestant, speakers were there to represent each one.

One Rabbi in particular told of how, late one night when he was working a floor, a Muslim woman lost her baby. Her husband and other children were there. It was alright with the Muslim couple if a Jewish Rabbi officiate at the death of their baby, so he made certain each member of the family had a chance to hold the dead baby, kiss it, love it, and say goodbye. The death of that baby brought about a communion of souls, united by the Divinity of Being. Cardiologists too spoke up and openly, about how important prayer was to them - both in the operating room and in their own lives.

Can you believe this? The latest in cardiology techniques, near-death experiences with adults and children, and . . . the power of prayer. This was a miracle to me. I've never seen any hospital, religious or secular, do anything even remotely like this. IF YOU ARE A PHYSICIAN OR NURSE READING THIS, PLEASE HOLD SOMETHING LIKE THIS IN YOUR HOSPITAL. It is vitally important that in medicine, we make room for the spiritual!!!!!!!!!!

My thanks to Ronald Gillilan, M.D. who facilitated this affair, his son, the documentary film maker, Steve Gillilan, and all the staff and volunteers. Each presentation was filmed, by the way, so the parts applicable, could be shown in various medical orientations and classes. Truly, this is a medical miracle!



Information about the near-death experience is suddenly becoming more popular than ever before - a real resurgence in interest. That means the International Association For Near-Death Studies (IANDS) is working overtime to answer all the requests for information and keep track of each new development in the field.

Yet, actual memberships are dropping. Just when IANDS need more money and support than ever before to be the "clearing house" it was created to be, the coffers are almost empty.

Either become a member or renew your membership NOW!!!

Please contact IANDS at: www.iands.org; E-Mail services@iands.org; Phone (919) 383-7940;
2741 Campus Walk Avenue, Building 500, Durham, NC 27705.

As a brief aside, two weeks ago, as I was returning home from a Book Show held in Waynesboro, Virginia, I was rear-ended as I waited in line for the traffic light to change. Ella Murphy, who was with me, witnessed everything. As it turns out the woman behind me was tired and thought the light had changed, when it had not. We exchanged insurance information, then the woman remarked at how desperate she was to learn more about near-death experiences. Her nephew at just died and she was in grief. When I told her who I was, she could hardly believe her good fortune. Of all the people on the planet, she had rear-ended one of the world's authorities on near-death states. Through her eyes, I saw a glimpse of how important near-death material has become - and the helpful difference it is making in people's lives. Yes, please help support IANDS!


Check out the English version of www.consciousnessbeyondlife.com , for a great interview of Pim van Lommel, M.D. Also check out this YouTube Video.

A Wall Street Journal article on near-death by Melinda Beck.

On MSNBC: "Head Toward the Light: The Science of Near-Death Experiences," written by Diane Mapes.

There is also a video available for an Alabama Public Television Documentary on NDE's, called "Life After Death."


A Letter of Love Cover

Ken Jablonski was scheduled to be in the World Trade Center in Manhattan on September 11. His meeting was suddenly canceled en route, making him one of the lucky ones who missed the terrorists' attack. This near-miss affected him deeply. That same year his sister committed suicide. Then, a few years later, his brother died of cancer. Actually, his litany of disasters in his life is long and heart-wrenching, leading to a complete transformation of consciousness. The Ken Jablonski who lives today has discovered a happiness he never knew existed before.

Ken is the father of three daughters. He wrote the book, "A Letter of Love," for them with the hopes that in reading it and applying the suggestions given, they could not only avoid the mistakes he made but have a much better life. Now, I am aware that there are many books on the market now that distill the wisdom of parents in letters to their children. And some of these books are incredibly moving and inspirational. This book is different. It is different in the sense that it is brief, practical, and to the point. Ken doesn't "mess around." Yet, the loving father in him quickly becomes love itself, filling every page with what we all need to hear and hear again and again. I consider "A Letter of Love" to be a must book for every child and teenager alive today, and for every adult who could use a reminder of what love really is.

"A Letter of Love" is available from Llumina Press and through the major book distributors.
Call 1-866-229-9244, or contact: ken@aletteroflove.com


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