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Interviews with a Shaman Walks With Thunder

Walks With Thunder's audio interviews "The Three Near-Death Experiences of P. M. H. Atwater" and "Runes of the Goddess" with PMH Atwater will soon be available as free downloads!

The Door to the Secret City

"The Door to the Secret City," a child's book about a near-death experience, by Kathy Forti (herself an experiencer), is now available FREE OF CHARGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kath has released all of her children's books (and she wrote several of them) to the public without charge. To download a copy, go to her website at http://www.scribd.com/kjforti, and follow the instructions. Thanks, Kathy! This is really great news!


Again, the music album "Fearless" by Claudia Carawan in priceless...and absolutely perfect for these troubled times. She wrote her own songs - each one a top quality production that speaks directly to what we can all do right now in our lives to help make things better. I play ours fairly often. It is such a heart-lift. To order your own copy or as a gift for a friend, access her website at http://www.claudiacarawan.com.


Of a more serious note, there is now an organized attack internationally against homeopathy, seeking to close down all distributors. This is very important to near-death experiencers and those like them, because most of us lose our tolerance to pharmaceuticals afterward and turn to things like alternative/complimentary medicine/health-care, which includes homeopathy. I am sending you a copy of a letter written by Mitch Fleisher, M.D., D.Ht. about this. The letter was released in October:

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

Homeopathy has suffered a very serious attack. The Voices of Young Science (VoYs), a UK based group from Sense About Science, dedicated to eliminating homeopathy, sent a letter to the World Health Organization asking WHO to condemn homeopathy in developing countries, especially in the areas of influenza, childhood diarrhoea, malaria, and AIDS. WHO replied recently with statements from various Departmental Heads saying there is no indication of effectiveness of homeopathy in any of these areas. VoYs has circulated the response of WHO to the media and have amplified the letter as if it is a public announcement from WHO - WHICH IT IS NOT. Additionally, VoYs has stated on its website that it will be contacting the Health Ministries of all countries in the world to let them know about the WHO response and press them to condemn homeopathy in their country.

The BBC online then spread this false item, as "WHO Warns Against Homeopathy Use." They have since apologized and admitted that it was hasty and mistaken in posting the article as an official statement, without checking the facts and without balancing the article with input from official homeopathy organizations, and have changed the headline. But the original BBC version has been picked up by newspapers worldwide and every day more and more online sites and blogs are copying the article. If we let this go it will be too late, people will believe this dirty trick campaign.

Please lend your support for truth and integrity in science and medicine by writing directly to the WHO officials to correct this wrong and set the record straight.

You may use this letter as a template to write your own letter to the WHO. Thank you very much for making your voice heard in taking a stand for truth and integrity in science and medicine.

Sincerely, Mitch Fleisher, M.D., D.Ht.

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