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"The Blind Side"

EVERYONE. . . see the movie "The Blind Side." It is more than good.
It is rich and wondrous with the real truth of life, caring, and love.

E X C E P T I O N A L !




BEYOND THE LIGHT surprised a lot of people when it was first published. It was a pioneering attempt on my part to introduce the world to the four major patterns of near-death states and the spread of physiological and psychological aftereffects. That means I was wide-open about hellish experiences and all the kinds of things nobody else was talking about - and that includes electrical sensitivity and changes in brain structure and function, the digestive system, and skin. There are lots of case histories in the book, including a stunner in China that indirectly lead to the deaths of twenty million people, plus the original stories of George Rodonaia, Mellen-Thomas Benedict, and Margaret Fields Kean - all of them verified by relatives. If you've never read what happened to Margaret after her surgery, you are missing one of the most unbelievable and verified out-of-body cases in history. And, this book is the first to have a separate chapter and study of "near-death-like" experiences.

BEYOND THE LIGHT is bold, and reveals both the positives and negatives of near-death research, and what I went through after the publication of my first book, COMING BACK TO LIFE. If you want a great read, get this one.

BEYOND THE LIGHT is available through www.amazon.com, through my online bookstore, and can be ordered at any bookstore, anywhere! (If you get it from me, it's autographed.)

COMING BACK TO LIFE was just reissued by
Transpersonal Publishing, too, and is readily available.

Christ Mass

Please remember and hold dear that this is not just a time of
Holidays, but of Advent and the birth of the Christchild. Jesus belongs to
all religions for he signified by his life the power of love and of
forgiveness. The birth of the Christ, though, applies to all of us - for
"Christ" is not the last name of Jesus - it is a title, a recognition that
Christ Consciousness is possible for all of us and is reborn each Christmas
Day as a reminder to us to remember what we are capable of and who we really
are. . . as Divine Beings of the Most High. Near-death experiences bring us
back to the value of the sacred and the importance of the spiritual in all
of our lives, whether or not you ascribe to any religion. Our prayers are
powerful....especially now!

Thank you, everyone of you, for "tuning in" to my website, blog,
YouTubes, and Twitter (creations of my incredible webmaster Steff). Your
support and encouragement keep me going and add rich texture to my life.
May the blessings of the "Christ Mass" and of the coming New Year shower you
with the realization of who you really are and how great your light. ~PMH Atwater


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