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We are moving into the decade of the twenty-tens, and smack into what astrologers call "the perfect storm." With this in mind, I want to make a few comments.

Astrological configurations like none of us have ever seen before are grouped together for 2010, 2011, and 2012. These are heavy times, but they are also incredibly creative times.

On the positive side, we will see innovations, especially in electronics, that will seem like the space-age is here today in our everyday world. Look for a "tablet" (like the kindle) which will allow us to read magazines just like we page through them now. The paperless office is virtually here. The urge to think global but act local is catching on - really big time with farmer's markets, buying direct from farmers, and supporting organics in your own area. There is a growing movement to thwart corporations like GM Monsanto and other such "heavies" from continuing to ruin the food we eat and put our health and our children at risk. Many schools are finally realizing that if a child exhibits a learning disability, the first thing you do with them is have allergy testing done, especially with foods. A number of psychologists are reporting an 80% reversal rate of learning disabilities after the child's diet and where he or she sleep are altered. People are coming together. Families are coming together - and they are liking each other. Meals are being cooked at home and eaten at home with the family all together. We are going back to what is true in nature - families, fellowship, and faith. And we are learning how to budget and balance our bookkeeping and create startups and becoming active again in our community and in our government. We are learning how to take care of ourselves AND each other.

On the negative side, our finances and Wall Street may be hit again. Watch out for banks ignoring what happened to them in 2009 and creating similar mistakes in 2010 and beyond - as if they never learned anything. Yes, we are on an upswing financially, but, what will hurt us and severly is when our various levels of government face what it means to be unable to collect the taxes they are used to getting. This tax default will affect the police, fire departments, schools, clinics, trash haul, roads and transportation, community services, medical services, and on up the chain of services we once took for granted. It's time to rent out homes, instead of abandoning them, and give food credits (or something like that) to volunteers. We need to have gardens everywhere, even in windowsill boxes. Terrorism is spreading - not as before - but throughout the younger set (the new children), as with what just happened with the plane that landed in Detroit. These young men and women are being trained by the hundreds, in wave after wave, to cause as much distruption as possible wherever possible. Take another look at what you call "religion" and "churches/mosques/ temples." Terrorism today has nothing to do with ANY religion or faith: it is a death cult whose only purpose is control of the many by the few. They have no respect for life or love or forgivness or kindness. Our children are being taken advantage of, not only in other countries, but here - turned into sexual pawns by the fasion industry, personality cults, and social networking.

We have begun the "decade of destiny."

Do you feel like you are being swept along by forces that seem beyond your reach? Well, whatever you planned or chose or dedicated yourself to since the sixties (or since you were young), is now in effect and playing out. Yes, we still have choice and always will, but that greater current of destiny, where we are headed as a people and planet, is now operating under its own "steam." We began this decade under the influence of a rare "blue" moon, lunar eclipse, a real and viable terrorist event, retrograde Mercury and Mars (which swirls energy), and that "perfect storm" of astrological configurations. A new energy has entered the earthplane, slipped in alongside the rest of these events, that can lift us to new heights or tie us to the mundane of shouting matches and conspiracy theories. Prayer and an informed viewpoint will help us to keep our wits, along with healthy dollups of laughter! Enjoy your life! Near-death experiencers understand this: no matter the trauma or violence or turn of events, what you gain from seeing Light, being in Light, identifying with Light, the Light of Our Creator, pales anything else and gives us standards we can live by and love.


If you are interested in astrology, I would suggest getting Jim Maynard's Astrological Calendar. It is a teaching calendar, so even a novice can get a great deal of useful information from it. Symbolic paintings for each sign are remarkable. Contact: Quicksilver Productions, P. O. Box 340, Ashland, OR 97520; www.QuicksilverProductions.com. These calendars are available in the wall type, small pocket guide, and engagement spiral-bound version. Medium sized, like a regular wall calendar. A personal favorite that I have used for decades.

Maynard's Astrological Calendar

If a more prayerful, meditative calendar is to your liking, try the one produced by the Desert Ashram, 3403 W. Sweetwater Drive, Tucson, AZ 85745-9301; (520) 743-8821; www.prayermeditationcalendar.org. Photographs for each month are absolutely striking, even hauntingly so, and the affirmations really touch your soul. Large sized. I love it. The Desert Ashram also produces an incredibly wonderful magazine. You might look into that aspect of their dedication to Deity/Holy Spirit, if you feel inclined.

Desert Ashram Calendar

If you are more moved by earth wisdom and Native American teachings, you will fall in love with the Medicine Wheel/Earth Astrology Calendar. Based on the teachings of Sun Bear (a Chippewa Medicine Man, now deceased), Wabun, once his Medicine Helper, wrote the text. All animal totems drawn by Sandra Stanton. I met Sun Bear and Wabun in the late sixties back in Idaho. We "knew" each other instantly, and I became one of their promoters. He was the first teacher I ever learned from non-verbally. I admit a bias here, yet I am also quick to point out that there is an integrity to this calendar that is deep and powerful. Well worth having. Large sized. Contact: Amber Lotus Publishing, 1-800-326-2375; www.amberlotus.com. For those of you who remember the Bear Tribe and Sun Bear, Wind Daughter is now the Chief. You can contact her at P. O. Box 2388, Mountain View, AR 72560; winddaughter@gmail.com.

Medicine Wheel Calendar


NOTE: I do not receive any financial consideration for telling you about these calendars. I do this freely because these works of art and precision are worth promoting. Please, do not communicate to me about anything in this newsletter. I am shutting down as much e-mail as I can in January and February, so I can finish my current book - the last I will do about my research of near-death states. Thank you for being so understanding. Many blessings to all of you - face this new decade with joy. I am. ~ PMH


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