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There are so many people in hospitals now, and dying, that I wanted to send what I shared with the Healing Helpers of our Church.


If you don't have a group called Healing Helpers (or something like them) in your meditation group or church, you may want to start one. There is a chapter on Healing Helpers in my book, "We Live Forever." The version we have here, though, is much easier to do than what I discussed in the book. After years of practice, we pared down how we operate to keep everything simple. Here's what we do: immediately after church (or your group work), anyone can come forward to gather in front, form a circle, join hands. The leader starts with an opening prayer, recognizing and affirming that the Power of God resides within each of us, that we, in sacred service, speak our word for the healing of others, all those in need. When the leader is done, he or she squeezes the hand to the left, then it that person's turn to speak up or quietly within the self, pray - offering up others and self if needed (and in our mind and heart) to the center of the circle for healing. When done, the left hand of the next person is squeezed, and so it goes, always to the left, passing prayer from one person to another, filling up the center of the circle with the visualization of precious souls in need of help. Once all have participated, circle prayer is closed in an affirmation of Divine Will. The group then puts their arms across each other's back, as everyone draws close together for the hug and a hum. Humming, by the way, exercises the heart. We end feeling the joy of service for the greater good. We learned by doing this, by inviting anyone at the spur of the moment to come up and participate, that men answered the call more than women. Yes, we have our core group, but I am amazed at how much men appreciate being able to physically participate in "sounding off" (speaking their word), joining with others in such a vital, vigorous, simple way, that only requires an open heart and the willingness to serve. Forget practice or preparation. The heart needs none of that. If we trust the God, love happens.


Last Sunday, a member of Healing Helpers slowly made his way forward to join the group. It was Eben, well into his 80s, who had suffered three heart attacks in two years, painful surgeries, and had just had another one. We were told hospice had been called and he would soon die. I don't know how much longer Eben will remain in his body, but I do know seeing him come forward to be with us was truly a gift of love. He honored us with his presence, this soft-spoken visionary who had designed our city's nature paths around town, an engineer who understood the earth and how much we each are nourished by a closeness to things wild and wonderful. Eben was glowing, literally glowing, as he joined the Healing Helper's circle and told of hearing angels speak during his surgery. In unison we all told Eben he was the angel! And he spoke of how my book, "We Live Forever," was such a help to him. That got me to thinking. There really are some wonderful treasures out now about death, that put the final passage we all will one day make into perspective in a spiritual and loving way. I'd like to share these treasures with you.


The Next Place

by Warren Hanson. This exquisitely simple book is the best I have ever seen for giving one an opportunity to rest in the arms of death and prepare for. . . the next place. It is uplifting and oh so wonderful! Available in bookstores everywhere.

As You Die

, available in both CD and DVD format, an audio presentation that talks the dying through death as it physically occurs, and the separation of the soul. Based on my near-death research and voiced by me, no profit is ever taken from sales. You can obtain AS YOU DIE either from me (my online bookstore - www.pmhatwater.com or from www.focusvideos.com, a Catholic networking group.

We Live Forever

by P. M. H. Atwater. The death of our granddaughter Myriam is the backdrop for this book about life and death, the soul, "The Breath of God Breathing," prayer, and empathic experiences whereby you can journey with the dying - at least enough to help him or her through the portal death opens. Available from me, through the A.R.E., or from any bookstore.

Light On Death

by J. Phillip Jones. I know Phillip. He operates a hospice in Hawaii. No matter your religion or philosophy, this book is quite unique. Phillip's "steady voice" cradles you throughout each page, helping you to open wider to "All There Is." An elegant, beautiful, loving (small) book. Available from any bookstore.

Final Journey

FINAL JOURNEYS: A PRACTICAL GUIDE FOR BRINGING CARE AND COMFORT AT THE END OF LIFE by Maggie Callanan. Yes, I've known Maggie for years, too, and I know her to be one of the finest speakers and most dedicated hospice nurses I have ever met. Maggie's utter "Irishness" pops out from every page, with plenty of stories, lots of advice, real information given in a way that is easy and helpful. She also co-authored FINAL GIFTS, the book that opened the door worldwide to the special way the dying communicate. She is a trail-blazer who take us with her - every step of the way. Available at bookstores everywhere.



I hope these suggested readings and sharings will be helpful to you - in your own life be you a counselor, teacher, psychic, business person, banker, mother, or whatever role you play along life's way. These offerings are among the best I have come across, each written by folks who have walked the path they speak of for decades and decades with thousands of people.

Oh, welcome back, Eben. Welcome back to a brand new day, followed by another brand new day, and another after that. Life, in whatever form it takes, is worth its living - on this side of the curtain, or, in the next great place.

Blessings to all, PMH


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