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"Light of Consciousness Magazine"

Light of Consciousness Magazine

Folks, the people at "Light of Consciousness Magazine" have put out an exceptional magazine for the Summer. All of their magazines are well worth the price, but this issue's theme of "Karma and Reincarnation" is one of the best treatments of the subject I have read. I say that because, through a series of articles, they give you a broader view of the topic and its various aspects. Yes, I have an article in there, about "Dee Dee, the Educated Rat," and, yes, again, it's all true - what I believe to be the reincarnation of a family pet. Read the article. I think you will be as surprised as I was - when Dee Dee came back, and how we could tell it was her. Order from their website at: http://www.light-of-consciousness.org/current-issue.html


"Final Gifts/Final Journeys"

Final Gifts/Journeys

The International Association For Near-Death Studies (IANDS) is sponsoring two workshops with hospice nurse, Maggie Callanan, using her book "Final Gifts/Final Journeys" as reference.

I've read Maggie's book. It is more than just outstanding, the material grabs your heart and says "Listen, hear what I have to say." If you've never heard Maggie give a talk before, you will be in for a special treat. Yes, she's a consumate professional, but she's also one of the funniest, most engaging speakers I've ever had the pleasure of hearing.

Here's the scope - she's giving two workshops:

Thursday, June 17th, 1 to 4 pm in Winston Salem, North Carolina

Friday, June l8th, 1 to 4 pm in Durham, North Carolina.

For cost, how to register, more details, contact Rhonda at the International Association For Near-Death Studies, www.iands.org, services@iands.org, or call her at (919) 393-7940.


"Straight Talk about the Near-Death Experience"

PMH in Hawaii

My "last hurrah," the book that completes my research of near-death states and of the larger genre of transformations of consciousness (no matter how caused) sold this week to Hampton Roads Publishing - due out January/March, 2011.

I'll be sending out several mailings about the book as we progress along the publishing track. There is a chance it may come out in hardcover, but that is not yet decided. The working title is: "Straight Talk about the Near-Death Experience: Who We Are as Humans, Where We're Headed as the Souls We Truly Are." This title will be changed as we get closer to launch date.

I am mentioning this now to alert you to some cancellations that will occur on my website. Currently, a paper on the first two phases of my Brain Shift/Spirit Shift Model (what I believe is really happening in near-death and transformative states), plus the three smaller papers on Adult NDEs, Children's NDEs, and the Three Types of Subjective Light - all of these will be deleted at the end of this year, 2010. So, if you ever wanted a copy of this initial work, now is the time to get them. The new book, "my last hurrah," is in essence Phase III of the Brain Shift/Spirit Shift Model, and completes it. I guarantee this will be controversial, for I am finally giving myself permission to say what I never dared to say before. And I admit something in the book - I can see energy. That might not seem like a big deal to you, but it is a very big deal to a researcher who follows a strict protocol. (I have kept what I was able to glean from this ability out of my work right along. . . until now. I figured, well, this is my last book on near-death and transformative states, so, why not explore "the rest of the story." I did, and I know you will be surprised.)

There are only three places where I will introduce part of the material in this book during 2010. If you are interested, you might contact them to see about registration. They are:

July 15-19 - Louisville, Kentucky, U. S. Psychotronics Conference Talk and workshop Contact: Peter Moscow, 409 Marquette Drive Louisville, KY 40222 uspsychotronics@aol.com www.psychotronics.org (502) 429-6600

Sept. 1-5 - Denver, Colorado, IANDS Conference on Mysteries of Near-Death Talk Contact: IANDS Headquarters in Durham, NC (919) 383-7940 www.iands.org, services@iands.org

Sept. 9-12 - Virginia Beach, VA, A.R.E. Conference on Near-Death States Talk and workshop Contact: Association for Research and Enlightenment 215 - 67th Street, Virginia Beach, 23451-2061 www.EdgarCayce.org 1-888-273-0020 We'll talk more later on about the book.

As per my legs, I am very much improved and able to walk normally, which is good considering I leave May 19th for Moscow, Russia, and return May 25th. I will be helping out my publisher there, Andrey at Stigmarion, as he brings out three of my earlier books in Russian. My son-in-law Greg DeGennaro will be with me. If you have any friends in Russia, please have them contact Stigmarion as soon as possible. Other trips, including another one in May to the Baltimore, Maryland area, are listed in my Appearance Schedule on my website at www.pmhatwater.com.

Blessings to all, PMH


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